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Outlook Connection Manager
Outlook Connection Manager 6.11.00 - wceOutlookCMdownload

The Outlook Contact Manager is an addin for Wired Contact that enables Microsoft Outlook users to access contacts within the Wired Contact database. Sent emails are stored back to the history of a contact within the Wired Contact database. Users can also store received emails to the history of a contact within the Wired Contact database.

A .NET 2.0 server component is required to provide access to the Wired Contact database.

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Version 6 requires the latest server component downloaded below.

- includes storage of attachments on emails - v3.0
- conflict resolution with the ACT addon - v3.0
- attach message as attachment - v4.0
- French language support - v5.0
- Search support for databases with more than 5000 contacts - v6.0
- Support MS Word as email editor - v6.7
- Resolve permissions error when storing attachments - v6.9
- Server component supports wce date formats - v6.7.0
- Server component fix error where falsly storing messages to users with no email address- v6.7.1
- Outlook appears to hang when switching folders - v6.10.0
- Large attachments not storing due to connection time out - v6.10.05
- Embedded images causing storage to fail - v6.10.05
- Outlook message losing focus when opening the wce Address Book - v6.10.05
- Sent messages store to database with Date and Time from user PC, not Server - v6.11.00


Server Componentdownload
Documentationview PDF
Evaluation Extension - (one time use only)download